We care about health

We believe that chatbots will help patients and HCPs
get answers and support.  

We're in beta private. Contact us now !


Bring a new channel with intuitive interface and interactions. Let users interact on messenging channels they already know or on a webchat.

Provide contextualized answers, not just data retrieval or visualization. Support patients and HCPs in using your products and managing their condition or prevention. Inform them on what is specific to them.



Chatbots provide a 2 way conversation : they also listen to users, collecting their requests and their feedback. These insights are key to improving not only the bot, but also your product.

A fast & flexible tool, 
to build easy user experience

A new way to provide answers to users, patients and healthcare professionals. 

At scale.

Meet us at 

5, Parvis Alan Turing
75013 PARIS, France

Mojobots is a conversational company. We gather user centric product design, language intelligence and data capabilities to offer you a fully self-serve product you can use from anywhere. Built for you in Paris, city of lights, at Station F, largest startup campus in the world.

Start engaging with patients and HCPs on chronic condition management, post-surgery recovery or prevention.

Contact us

We're in beta private. Contact us now !

Simply onboard

1. Customize our health master bot

2. Engage immediately

3. Iterate using unfiltered insights

Just log in, start with our pretrained bot, 
and support patients & HCPs !

We're in beta private. Contact us now !

Contact us

Just create an account and login.
It is fully self serve.
No SDK, and no integration to get started.

Start with our pretrained and pre-published bot, understanding specific health language & small talk, providing fallback strategies, ready for data collection, ready for testing with your users. 

Publish on a website or in messenging apps. Start quickly with a first version and never loose an opportunity to bring value using fallback strategies.

Listen to your users : collect smart and structured data (profiling, feedback, verbatim...), directly from users, to serve your purpose.

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